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Nom Nom Nom: Sorry for the random E's everywhere... It's kind of like a glitch or a virus... Not anybody's fault. Sept 7, 2013 12:09:45 GMT -8
Nom Nom Nom: Welcome, Sillylillybilly! Thank you for joining! Jul 19, 2013 7:44:05 GMT -8
Nom Nom Nom: Yeah, yeah, whatever. B-| Jul 15, 2013 17:04:16 GMT -8
t: Hi, my name is T, shoert for something. Nom Nom Nom, AKA Admin#1, the creator of this site, is my big sister. :D Jul 15, 2013 16:31:56 GMT -8
Nom Nom Nom: Welcome to our forum, everybody! Jul 14, 2013 22:44:42 GMT -8